How to Potty Train a Puppy In an Apartment

If you are wondering how to potty train a puppy in an apartment, it can be tricky. You have to choose a spot for your puppy to go, and help him with some training to get the job done. I will go over some great tips, and essentials when potty training a puppy in an apartment. Potty training in an apartment can actually be done in 3 easy steps!

Step 1
Choose a spot for your puppy to go. This can be on puppy pads, fake grass, or even real grass like the one pictured below.

                                                                                             Fresh Patch Disposable Grass.
                                                                                             As Seen on Shark Tank
    how to potty train a puppy in an apartment
  • Naturally attracts dogs- An eco-friendly and stylish alternative to synthetic plastic potties and pee-pads.
  • The perfect size -- easy to handle. Our fully disposable unit does not require any cleaning!
  • Fresh Patch real grass has a complex root system which naturally absorbs urine and odors.
  • Fully disposable unit--No parts to clean. Conveniently replace a discarded unit with a newly delivered one by ordering on a regular basis.
  • Constant supply is available through our continuous delivery-replacement process.
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how to potty train a puppy inside

Paw Puppy Potty Trainer
  • Three layer system odor resistant mat plastic insert which allows the liquid to drain durable collection tray
  • Perfect for patios and indoor use
  • So easy to clean, just rinse with soapy water
  • Great when your pet can't go outside
  • Dimensions: 18-1/2-inch by 13.4-inch by 2.17 inch
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potty training a puppy in an apartment

Puppy Training Pads
  • Quick drying surface prevents tracking
  • The super-absorbent core can turn urine into gel instantly and hold up to 3 cups of liquid
  • Built-in attractant and odor neutralizer
  • Perfect for training puppies or assisting aging dogs
Available Here

Step 2
Get good doggy treats. Dog love to be rewarded, it's part of what they thrive for. Get some yummy treats. Not only will your dog really look forward to getting a treat, but he can be rewarded for a job well done.

Step 3
Get a puppy potty training program. If you want to potty train your dog, and fast, the best thing you can do is to get a program that will help you and guide you. I used this puppy training program and it was the best decision ever! It will help you through the process and help you potty train your dog in an apartment fast! Whether you want to potty train on puppy pads, fake grass, or even on an old towel, this program will help you potty train just about anywhere. It will also help you with just about anything thing else you want to work on with your puppy. Chewing, barking, obedience, commands and a lot more!

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